“I cannot over-exaggerate the impact that All in 1 S.P.O.T. with TheraTalk and its dedicated and talented therapists have had on the Speech, PT and OT advancement of my two sons, ages 10 and 7. My ten year old child who has autism was non-verbal when he started at this facility at age four. Now he is ten and has grown exponentially under the tenacious tutelage of the staff at All in 1 S.P.O.T. The speech staff have helped my son discover his own voice…via pecs, or words, or electronic device. The OT and PT staff have helped him taste independence and acquire practical life skills that he uses throughout his day. He has gone from a world of non-communication and inactivity to one which is continues to burgeon and is replete with the ability to express his emotions, wants and needs with more frequency and accuracy. After years of frustration…He can now say so much more. More important, he can say the most beautiful word in the world to me, “Mama”. Need I say more? The therapists at All in 1 SP.O.T. have known my children since they were young. They feel like family partly because they are just as dedicated and just as happy as I am when my sons reach a new milestone. Over these years, we have laughed together and cried together. All of us. Not just one therapist….all of them. They always bring the latest techniques to the table of learning with my sons and their open door policy creates a happy, welcoming and comfortable environment. The therapy staff all have substantive experience and admirable talents and abilities…but the magic at All in 1 S.P.O.T. is that it is all tempered by their loving hearts and caring hands. The convenience of All in 1 S.P.O.T is another great feature. The concept of having many different therapies at one location is fabulous. Quite frankly, my sons could receive these services at their schools, but as long as I can, I will continue to insist that they receive these quality services at this wonderful facility. My sons love them…and I will forever have a grateful heart for all they’ve done for my children and my family.”

– Joanne B.

“All in 1 S.P.O.T. with TheraTalk has made such a difference in our daughter’s life. The professionalism and dedication of the speech pathologists have tremendously improved her expressive and comprehensive abilities. We are really excited about the progress she has made these past few months. Thank you Irene, Maria and the rest of the All in 1 S.P.O.T. with TheraTalk therapists!”

– P.B.

“We have nothing but praise for All in 1 SPOT with TheraTalk! From the simple little things like ample parking and close proximity to shopping and running quick errands during appointment time, to being a clean, bright, cheerful facility and offices, and friendly staff, everything is just so well thought out and parent/child friendly, warm and inviting. Of course the most important aspect is the professionalism of the treating therapist. My son has been receiving speech therapy for over 2 years. His therapist is professional, knowledgeable, thoughtful, and organized. She answers all our questions and we never feel rushed or pushed off. She always makes the time and goes the extra mile. She also has great communication with our son’s outside treating therapists. During our time at TheraTalk, we had the occasion to work with several different therapists and have always received the same high level of treatment. It’s wonderful to know that the same level of professionalism reaches across the whole facility. Dealing with your child’s developmental delay can certainly be challenging. All in 1 SPOT with TheraTalk inspires confidence that you and your child will be well cared for with respect, thoughtfulness and professionalism. Without reservation, we highly recommend TheraTalk. You won’t be disappointed.”

– J.M.

“My 8-year old son has been coming to All in 1 SPOT with Theratalk for five years. The staff is professional and courteous. We are always welcomed with a smile. We feel like we are visiting with friends. Their expertise, dedication, and hard work have assisted my son in improving his speech tremendously throughout the years. The therapists are always up to date with new techniques and provide helpful suggestions to assist us when we are not there. I continue to be very pleased with my son’s accomplishments and performance as a result of the service he receives.”

– N.T.

“If your child needs pediatric speech therapy I wholeheartedly recommend All in 1 S.P.O.T. with TheraTalk. The therapists employed there have extensive knowledge and will serve you well. The most caring and competent speech and language pathologists I know. I observed every single session my son had, and was extremely involved. I was so impressed by their intensive sessions and focus on carry over activities to meet my child’s goals quicker.”

– L.T Bayside, NY

“In this field, there are therapists who rise above the norm, and Dr. Irene is in this category. We can always count on her to be kind, understanding, and willing to meet our daughter’s needs at any cost. Her ambition is to do her best to help our daughter. She spends a lot of time with us and answers all our questions without ever feeling rushed. She is very emotional and brings her entire soul into her therapy sessions, as if the child is her own. Dr. Irene always comes up with great ideas for therapy and has such an amazing understanding of my child’s issues. She is the absolute best!”

– B.S Flushing, NY

“Our daughter Katie lives in the silent world of autism. She had no way of expressing herself or letting us know what she wanted except to cry. She also was not able to chew. We started getting therapy for Katie with TheraTalk for speech and feeding and within months she was more vocal, whereas before she did not even babble. Our therapist, Maria is wonderful and tried several different techniques until she found the right one for our daughter to communicate with us. I was blessed when I found this center. Her feeding skills have improved significantly through Maria’s techniques and knowledge. She also recommended our daughter get a communication device and helped us through the entire process. Maria trained us in using the device even during hours that were not part of our therapy time. We continue to see progress every week and cannot believe how much our daughter’s communication skills have improved.”

– F.R, Roslyn, NY

“The therapists at All in 1 SPOT have accomplished with Connor what many therapists have not been able to achieve before. Connor has been challenged in a positive way to meet his goals and he looks forward to every therapy session. I travel from the Bronx, as I heard the best things about this center. They also have the most incredible sensory gym that I have ever seen. It is every child’s dream to be in that gym. As a family we will never be able to articulate what this center has given to us, a gift that cannot be measured with words but must be witnessed.”

– H.T., Bronx, NY

“After my two year old son was diagnosed with Autism I was prepared to find the best therapy to help him in his progression. All in 1 SPOT has provided my son with outstanding services in PT, OT, and their developmental group. The staff is professional and caring. The facility is bright, clean, and welcoming. Maria, one of the directors, is knowledgeable and accommodating. This center does not just educate my son, but the staff also teaches me how to use therapy at home and has helped me navigate the process of early intervention. My son’s continued progression is a clear result of the dedication from the staff at All in 1 SPOT. They are able to teach my son in a way that is unique and that fits his interests. Within weeks of his involvement in the developmental group his language is emerging, he has no separation anxiety, and he loves school, which I thought was not possible. I cannot express the gratitude I have for all of the staff at All in 1 SPOT.”

– K.A., College Point, NY


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