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"After my two year old son was diagnosed with Autism I was prepared to find the best therapy to help him in his progression. All in 1 SPOT has provided my son with outstanding services in PT, OT, and their developmental group. The staff is professional and caring. The facility is bright, clean, and welcoming. Maria, one of the directors, is knowledgeable and accommodating. This center does not just educate my son, but the staff also teaches me how to use therapy at home and has helped me navigate the process of early intervention. My son’s continued progression is a clear result of the dedication from the staff at All in 1 SPOT. They are able to teach my son in a way that is unique and that fits his interests. Within weeks of his involvement in the developmental group his language is emerging, he has no separation anxiety, and he loves school, which I thought was not possible. I cannot express the gratitude I have for all of the staff at All in 1 SPOT." - K.A., College Point, NY